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2 Nigerians arrested for smuggling 2kg of heroin in India


Two Nigerians, identified as Celestin Ikwerta and Edeh Sunday Chukwudi, were on Wednesday arrested by the local police in Delhi, India for operating a drug network. The police also recovered 2 kg of heroin from locations disclosed by them.

The accused were arrested on the basis of details revealed by Balvir Singh, who was nabbed with heroin on May 4. During the interrogation of Balvir, it came to light that two Nigerians were suppliers of drugs and also operated a network in Punjab. A special team was sent to Delhi, where the duo was arrested.

The suspects disclosed that drugs were supplied to them from across the border and delivered as per the instructions received from their mastermind, the DIG said.

During the investigation, it was revealed Celestin Ikwerta came to India five years ago on business visa and married an Indian citizen from Manipur, and the accused covered their acts of smuggling by showing themselves as businessmen.


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