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25-year-old Commits Incest! Impregnates Younger sister and Kills Mother


Akinyele Sokoya

A 25-year-old man, named Agaezichi Ogbonna committed incest, as he impregnated his younger sister,and has also sent his 62-year-old mother,Blessing to an early grave at Akpaa Mbato village in Abia state.

Happenings learned that his mother who had since noticed the incestous relationship between Ogbonna and his younger sister, was vehemently against it and scolded him, but Ogbonna paid her no mind, until he impregnated his younger sister, Ogochi.

The discovery of the abominable pregnancy, Happenings learned, infuriated his mother last week, Tuesday, 19th June 2018, and she angrily showed her annoyance, while shouting at him, until Ogbonna who could not take her nagging anymore violently slapped his hypertensive mother,who slumped and died instantly.

All of his efforts to escape after he had killed his mother was futile as he was nabbed and mercilessly dealt with by the youths,he was about to be burnt alive with a tyre before soldiers rescued him and handed him over to the police at Azuka police station in Abia state.

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