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43-year-old commits suicide in Bayelsa


By Mojola Aturamu

A 43-year-old former civil servant has allegedly committed suicide in Yenagoa,Bayelsa state.

Sahara Reporters report that the deceased, Benbede Kitchen, allegedly hung himself with his bed sheet.

According to Benjamin Samuel, the caretaker of the house where Benbede was living, the deceased asked him for a phone number around midnight which he gave to him.Samuel said the deceased was angry while making calls that night.
“At about 6 am, I heard people crying and a knock on my door. At first, I thought it was armed robbers. I was later led to one of the rooms upstairs, where I saw his lifeless body dangling from the ceiling. I and one of my boys brought his corpse down,” he said.

“I am confused and disturbed as to why he chose to kill himself, leaving seven lovely children behind. It is unfortunate,” he adds.

The deceased reportedly left no suicide note. Some residents alleged that the deceased slipped into sadness after his wife disappeared who they said he suspected of infidelity, while others said he became frustrated since he was sacked from the civil service which lead to inability to really provide for his family.


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