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5 Most Common Reasons Why Couples Head For A Divorce!


Think sexual infidelity is the major cause of divorce? You thought wrong! Nowadays couples jump out of marriages as quickly as they jumped in drunk in love and all and this gets you wondering – “What the hell is going on?” Why are couples so quick to throw the towel. Research confirms that rather than sexual the leading cause of divorce in most cases is actually linked to communication gap. 5 other reasons:


Getting married for the wrong reasons; Walking down the aisle for the money/ sex without any intimacy is never the best.


Identity crisis: Cohabiting with a partner can make you co dependent; when some of us fall head over heels we tend to lose their sense of self and a simple task such as breathing without them becomes almost impossible. This can choke your partner in the long run.

Nil fun and swallowed up by parenting duties: Nonexistent sex life, lack of communication and in the long run neglecting a partner for your kids can make them seek for solace in another, drifting apart in the long run.



Unmet expectation: Wanting a change from a significant other can be gone about the wrong way; nagging , complaining criticizing …  overtime you push them away

Financial unequality; Imagine a tightfisted person being married to a big spender or an insecure husband with lesser pay than his wife…conflict is bound to occur – hurt, wounded egos… it’s never pretty.


Letting conflict linger: This breeds resentment. When mutual respect is missing and voices silenced instead of being heard, it most often than not leads to a break up.



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