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6 fashion mistakes that are totally cramping your style


Let’s not get it mixed up, I’m not here to school you about fashion faux pas and do’s and don’ts, but I am trying to highlight those common fashion practices that may be limiting our style and doing more harm than good. This could be as a result of old fashion rules that no longer matter or erroneous beliefs that we need to curb and trust me, they are really cramping your style. Here are a few suggestions, do add more in the comment section


  • You wear vintage without a modern spin: When styling a retro look, try dding some modern trends to make your approach more… today.

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  • You believe tall women shouldn’t wear heels:  It was said that tall women would draw too much attention to themselves and abundant height wasn’t feminine. Doesn’t that even sound old school to you? If you got it, flaunt it!


  • You believe big plus size women can’t wear boxy/big/shift dresses: The fit is in the shoulders and the bust, so far as these parts if the dress are fit properly, a pair of heels or sneakers will properly clean up the look.

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  • You think horizontal stripes are fattening: Horizontal stripes could be quite volumizing, but the trick is in the proportions. Bigger stripes tend to be less flattering and too small stripes could look quite unflattering. Know which proportions fit your body
  • You actually believe menswear is just for men:Menswear can be quite flattering on the female form, be it an agbada or a classic blazer, even a tie makes for a chic classic appearance.

You only wear sneakers for sports: Sneakers have become so much fun because there are different styles and colours which could suit different outfits. A skirt, pants, dresses even maxi dresses will look very fab.


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