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6 Reasons Why Happy Couples Breakup!


Isn’t it ironic how you see this really sweet couple who just seem so in love, holding hands, cuddling every minute they get and you think, wow that’s pretty much a match made in sweet heaven but then, the shocking news of their split hits you from nowhere like a volcano! Bam!  You look around confused wondering how the hell did that happen?? What happened to romance and true everlasting love?? Stuff happens! That’s it! When it comes to your happiness, guilt doesn’t take centre stage, you put you first and that’s why even the sweetest couples can call it quits, because even though the world things they are perfect together, it just doesn’t feel right being for them and let’s face it, rather than waste either of their time, they go for the obvious option  – A breakup! So much for fairy tale endings huh? Lol… 6 reasons why happy couples call it quits;

1. Kids


No doubt you’ve really got a great relationship going and you’re pretty confident about your future with this person, so in order to move things to the next level, you think a baby is what you need after all your biological clock is clicking real fast, but somehow, your partner bluntly refuses to see the light, that’s way out of the picture for them. This can cause a rift between a once loved up couple,as the guy might feel pressured leading to a strain and eventual breakup.

2. Distance

Long-distance relationships can be really difficult to manage. A great deal of trust, communication and commitment is needed to make that work, once that’s missing then a threatening gap pops up.  This gap can prove quite challenging to manage as issues such as; loneliness, insecurity and infidelity can be quite a baggage for even the most perfect of relationships.

3. Career Changes


Landing your dream job might come with a huge prize tag in some relationships. When a partner decides to step up in their career and it actualises with a difference in location, the other party might not be too willing to make that readjustment alongside them. Other times however, although they love this person to death, they refuse to groom themselves to become better, so they remain stagnant. This can be quite frustrating to deal with in the long run.

4. Personality Changes


You fall in love, you’re on the same wavelength with this person, years roll by and somehow you find yourself drifting apart. This sort of happens when there are obvious changes in lifestyle; a workhaolic and party girl in love, you can picture how it turns out in the future, most times. Although it could work out other times its not so easy.

5. Unhappiness

Unhappy couple lying on bed not talking at home in the bedroom

Sometimes everything might look perfect but unexplainably  you still get that nagging feeling it isn’t. Something just doesn’t feel right. You look at your partner and can’t really pinpoint anything they did wrong; they treat you well and all that, but your gut feeling keeps telling you you don’t belong in their arms. It’s a void that just can’t be brushed away even with love.

6. Someone New


One moment you were head over heels in love with your partner, the next you find yourself falling for this amazing person you can’t just believe exist, you didn’t plan it, it just happened so your feelings begin to change . So it becomes an issue of commitment versus your feelings, what happens? Most cases, it’s the end of that oh so beautiful relationship because, it all boils down to your happiness.

Sometimes your heart gets broken, other times you’ll be the one dishing out the cruel blow, whatever the case, love is still beautiful.



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