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5 Reasons She Won’t Date You!


Why do girls not like me?” that’s one complicated question; this hurts because to you; you’re a pretty good catch; nice guy, down to earth…I mean seriously, what more could any lady want? after all you’ve given your all and have got nothing else to offer. Well, sometimes all you need is some readjustment, want to be that guy who effortlessly attracts women? you need some changes; and no, no one is saying change into someone you’re not, just be a better version of yourself.

5 reasons why women don’t give you a second look;

1. Lack of ambition


Guys, no lady wants a loser for a man, she wants someone whom she’ll be proud to show off. Contrary to what you might think, it isn’t all about your present self; although a nice car with a lovely apartment is good to have, it isn’t the ultimate ticket. You need to have a clear vision of where you are headed – the future, that’s unarguably one of the most attractive qualities you could posses as an a man because she needs to feel secure.

2. You flare up over every little thing

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While it’s great to let your feelings known when you feel upset, being upset over the most trivial things can be such a nightmare to put up with. No one likes being stuck with that that kind of attitude, so yes, your inability to manage that fiery temper is a major deal breaker. You need to put that attitude in check asap.

3. You nag a lot


For Christ sake, that’s one hell of a baggage! Imagine coming back from work all tired and just looking for succour but you come home to one nagging man who just can’t help but complain about everything!; Your dress, the work, not coming home to a decent meal… Not a pretty picture right? No one wants to deal with constant complains or criticism because it drags them down. Make an effort to compliment and appreciate people, instead of focusing on what they aren’t doing right. This will help you tons in the dating world – understand no one can be perfect..

4. Mr. Flirt


While in secondary school that bad boy thing was real sexy; you know you obviously panting for anything in skirt and how the girls couldn’t help but just sock up your “charm”? well this is the future – it’s not cute anymore. Women don’t want men who would dare to disrespect her and publicly for that matter. It’s sexy when you know how to manage being the guy who women lust after, without taking advantage of the attention (and yes, you can help it).

5. Overly possessive


No one likes being suffocated, absolutely no one! It’ not romantic, it’s plain annoying! Yes, calling time to time to check on us is romantic, but calling and monitoring our every step is unforgivable and exhausting. Love is about trust and without it, the foundation is shaky. Your constant calls don’t make her feel special, it makes her feel caged. Get a grip!

Last word – If things aren’t going how you want them to in your love life and you see it becoming a regular pattern, that’s a clarion call for you to make some changes. Take it step by step and before you know it, you’ll start seeing the changes you desire.

Good luck!

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