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5 Sexually transmitted diseases “wey no dey show for face”


By Syn Osuchukwu

You meet a guy and the brother is fine! You meet this girl and she has everything you want in a woman. The next thing you do is propose sex without protection because “he looks healthy” or “she looks healthy”. We cannot over emphasise the importance of abstinence, sticking to a partner and having protected sex. Several sexually transmitted diseases no dey show for face. Here are five STDs that are dangerous as well as deadly:


Warts are transferred through the HPV virus and can be caught by mere skin-to-skin contact. While it is also transferred through body fluids, just a contact with someone who has warts is enough to get it.

Some of the symptoms include irritated skin and warts around the penis, vulva and vagina or mouth.  See a doctor for medication.



This occurs when lice invades one’s pubic area. Nigerians call this craw-craw. It is identified by intense itching and can be sexually transmitted. The only solution to this is to use designated pills and creams plus regular bathing


Syphilis is a disease that is created by a type of bacteria. Some of its symptoms include irritating reddish sores on the private parts or in the mouth. Warts on the groin may develop. Fever and weight loss may occur. Syphilis needs immediate attention as it causes impotence in men and other brain related problems. It can be transmitted through kissing an infected person and treatment is only done at the hospital.



Though its fatality rate isn’t as high as before, HIV is a very serious STD.  The virus is passed through blood or semen. This is a horrible disease that cannot currently be cured. HIV comes in stages and some of its symptoms include rashes, headaches, fatigue and fever.  There is presently no cure but drugs to manage the condition.



Chlamydia is quite common with nearly a million new cases every year.  Some of its symptoms include: Abdominal pain, Pain during intercourse, frequent urinating , vomiting, penile and vaginal discharge. It is contacted through sex and can be treated with strong antibiotics.


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