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5 Stages Of A perfect Vacation!


Because we aren’t super humans who can climb the rooftops 24/7 without breaking down, we all need a vacation from time to time, regardless of how much of a workaholic we claim to be. So yeah, most of us need that timeout to recover from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. So just how do we achieve the perfect vacation? 5 stages;


1. Pre-vacation


Typically, most vacations start off pretty much the same way; planning which is so exciting, you think of the destination, things you need to pack – not forgetting the the nagging feeling which accompanies the packaging as you get scared that something might skip your mind…to the turning off and emptying of the fridge and major appliances, locking of the window…before taking off for the actual vacation.

2. Time of vacation


“When” you finally decide to take that vacation is governed by lots of factors;  your schedule, plus as parents you’ve got to consider the time table of your children – are they on break?, When will they resume? These actually play a major role in structuring your vacation.

3. Place of vacation



You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you finance plays a ma…jor role here; your bank balance/bills determine whether or not you can go and revel in one of those exotic spots or you would just wind up settling for anywhere near apart from home which won’t cost you as much. If you’ve luckily got the finance aspect all sorted out, then your decision is way easier and more fun; the only headache you have is settling for the most attractive top visit spot.

4. Here at last!


Now this is when the holiday spirit truly dawns on you. You in your dream destination live! After surfing the internet to check out reviews upon reviews, you’ve made it here. There you are at last, eager and ready for an out-of-this-world experience. Selfies here and there, you gulping down all the mouthwatering delicacies dumping your strict diet without so much as a glint of guilt and having so much unbelievable fun! Now that’s the life indeed.

5. Home sweet home


The truth dawns; it doesn’t matter the sophistication the outside world offers, there’s just no place like HOME! So you get back home and realise how much you miss this place called your own; no enticing luxuries, just good old plian regular home but in all you’re sure glad to be home to its welcoming warmth. Then somehow that’s when it all starts again; the quest to lose all the weight you’ve gathered, the piling bills, office deadlines …oh lord!!! When does it all end?

Yep, typical vacay it is! Lol…




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