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5 Things Skinny Girls Are Darn Tired Of Hearing!


First off, being naturally skinny isn’t a disease or proof of unhealthy eating habit, it just means the individual has super skinny genes which somehow doesn’t translate food to meat on the bones. Ever wondered how come that skinny friend gulps down a jaw dropping amount of food at once yet never adds any weight while you, who wouldn’t dare dream of eating all of that have to work your ass off every single day at the gym? Genes! So please do stop with the thin- shaming, it gets really annoying. 5 things every skinny girl is so tired of hearing;


1. Where does it all go? 



Like seriously? There you were, minding your own business and trying to treat yourself to a real good meal but somehow the moment you sit with your tray perching proudly before you, you feel the judgmental stares, all eyes focus on you like you’ve just committed a crime and within their gaze come the unspoken question  – “where does it all go?”… But that’s mild, apart from strangers, you get to deal with this question from your friends and associates all the time!

2. What?! You clearly don’t need to hit the gym!



Are you kidding me right now, what the hell happened to keeping fit? Each time you tell people you want to hit the gym, they give you “the look” like you’re out of your mind. Then, they proceed to lavish you with praise and sermons about how lucky you are to be skinny, “c’mon, get any skinnier and you’ll totally disappear!”… Well, newsflash – skinny doesn’t necessarily equal healthy. So please, stop with the drama.

3. Do you ever eat?



Okay that’s just not funny, after all you’ve got to eat to be alive right? So what’s with that question really? Skinny people have got a healthy appetite just like everyone else; they love to eat delicious junk food and spoil themselves silly taking advantage of all the yummy delicacies the world’s got to offer ,just like everyone else! Skinny folks are normal human beings so quit treating them any different.

4. Real women have curves



“Girl you seriously need to add weight men don’t like girls with “boyish figures” … Argh!! Super annoying. Note to all – There isn’t a particular definition of beauty, while curves are great, it is not necessarily a definition of beauty! So scratch that! Women come in all shapes and sizes, kindly stop reciting all that nonsense about someone looking better with more “meat on the bones”. That standard of “beauty” is way… overrated and that’s the honest truth.

5. “I’m afraid I’ll break you; you’re so skinny”


*Rolls eyes* –  “I’m afraid to touch you… you might break…” Guys, you might think it sounds cute, but trust me, it doesn’t. Telling your girl she’s so delicate that you’re afraid to hug real tight because you think you might squeeze and hurt her isn’t the best compliment. Get over it, she’s tougher than she looks, she’s grown remember? Lol…

Okay, enough said, we all come in different shapes and sizes, stop beating down anyone just because you feel everyone should adhere to a certain “ridiculous” standard – embrace you and let others do same as well. Cheers to #WorldPeace! Lol…


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