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6 Bad Habits That Cause Saggy Breast


Wonder bras, padded bras, push-up bras…name it, you’ve got them all! Why? Because somehow magically, each time you wear them, it’s a whole new kind of sexy you feel because they give you that perfect lift and fit, but thing is, each time they come off, the story changes.

Sounds familiar? Lol… Everyone loves perky boobs which proudly bounce even when those bras come off, you know, perfect firm boobs which you can flaunt without feeling insecure. But if you find yourself on the other side, we’ve compiled a few bad habits which you might be indulging in that are unhealthy, and likely causes of saggy boobs.

Ill fitting bras

Ill fitted bra

Bras are not just meant for cover up, they’re meant for support and elevation. Wearing ill-fitting bras constantly is counterproductive because it puts strain on your boobs, leading to the skin being lose. Figure out your perfect bra size.

Smoking/ Alcohol

saggy breast

So you love to smoke and drink excessively and couldn’t care less about the consequences, but thing is you love to look sexy too. Bad news – apart from putting your health at risk, your boobs lose elasticity and begin to sag.

Bad posture

Maintaining a bad posture is bad for your health as it leads to back and waist pain but it doesn’t stop there- it also affects your boobs.

If 90% of the time you assume an unnatural position for long hours, your boobs will follow suit too.


Not Exercising with a firm bra


Doing heavy workouts like jogging and running without a sports bra is a huge NO because this put a lot of strain on your boobs and they need support.



When UV rays is given access to penetrate your skin without the protection of a sunscreen, this leads to stretched out collagen which automatically damages the skin causing droopiness.

Fluctuating Weight


There! Impressive, You’ve worked your butt off to achieve your dream body but this is a tale often short lived as three months down the line as usual, you’re gulping down all the eatables. STOP! Overtime when you gain and lose weight repeatedly the breast tissue becomes slack. So if you need the perfect reason?  Stick to your diet for the sake of your boobs!

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