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6 Holiday Must Do Tips


Whether it’s for two weeks or two months, a lot of people can make the same mistake – wasting those blessed holidays. If you’re fun loving and want to know how to make the most of your holidays,

Don’t waste your holidays musing about what you want to do

Have a rough plan of things to do before the holidays start so that you have something to look forward to.

Make sure you have a rough plan of what you want to get done. It doesn’t have to be a second by second, organized and well prepared schedule – it can just be a few big things, like going shopping in a new place, meeting up with your friends, or decorating your room. Otherwise, you’ll end up cramming things in, not getting them accomplished as well, and regretting the wasting of time you did. Don’t make this mistake.

Give yourself variety

Have some days planned to the last second, and give yourself others to just relax. Having a tightly packed, amazingly wild and cool schedule for every second of the holidays may suit the outgoing and energetic – but it will most probably not suit most people.

Make sure you don’t make those slacking off days boring. Instead, try catching up with all the text messages and emails you’ve probably been getting, giving yourself a bit of pampering (massage, manicure, etc), or giving yourself a makeover. These things are fun and don’t take too much energy. Of course, you can just sleep in and laze around too.

Make sure you regularly catch up with your mates

Getting the whole group around for a spot of shopping or to watch the footy is a great idea. Shopping, movies, eating out-all good ideas. Losing touch with your friends can result in you being lost in the down and sad bits of your holidays, or simply make you feel a little alone.

Play some sport

Getting active and running around is a fantastic idea. Try something new, or keep practising a sport you love. It provides 1. a laugh with your buds, 2. some good physical activity, and 3. a way to feel good about yourself.

Keep up with the latest gossip

Listen to the gossip about celebrities, and keep up with the latest movies, awards, albums, etc. Keeping up with what’s happening and following a few trends can make you feel really good, and make you feel really involved in what’s going on around you. Plus, you won’t be branded as an out of date, unaware person – awesome! You don’t have to rush out and buy fifty mags – just watching a little news and interviews, clicking on some of the links on your home page, and maybe glancing at the cover of a magazine or newspaper can help you keep up. Who knows – it just might save you from an embarrassing moment.

Decorate your space

If you spend lots of time in lots of places, adding holiday decorations can give you that “feel-good” feeling everywhere you are. It doesn’t have to be much more than a fresh new candle — just a little reminder that the holidays are here. (Of course if you really want to get elaborate, as most do, there are tons of ways to get creative with your decorations as long as you don’t get stressed out in the process).

Start scouting the sales

This is the time to shop smart. Start with a game plan and tackle accordingly. Put together a list of who you are buying presents for and overlay that with store specials and discounts. Remember, times are tough for merchandisers too so they need to compete for your precious dollar (and they do).


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