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6 things to consider before you matchmake or get matchmaked


Matchmaking friends seem like a great idea because you believe you know so much about them and can’t go wrong with it. Though many have turned out well, ending in long term relationships, some get really messy with you becoming the bad guy. So before you set that friend up or be set up, consider the following possibilities:

1. What the hell was he or she thinking? You may think you know your friend so well and what they want in a guy but end up getting lashed for not knowing them well enough.


2. If you’re a sensitive one, you’ll feel pressured into the relationship just so you don’t appear “ungrateful”, but on who’s detriment? Ask yourself.


3. It could wreak havoc on your friendship. Your friend either becomes a micro-manager, doing all they can to keep you too together or sits on the fence, not wanting to take sides.



4. It’s your fault if it doesn’t work out. The blame game could seriously strain your friendship.


5. You can’t see other people because your eagle eyed friend is watching and you feel like you owe it them to make it work.

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6. It’s harder to split up with the person and then deal with it because you all in the same social circle.


But you gotta do what’s best for you, so even though I appreciate what you’re trying to do…

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