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6 Toxic Relationships Habits That Need To Stop


“I’m doing it because I love him/her” – That’s what you hear when people do some crazy things in relationships, stalking, being overly jealous and protective, silent treatment, the list goes on. The sad thing is you think it’s normal and okay, well news flash! You’re slowly killing your relationship. Here are 5 toxic relationship habits you must stop.

1. Keeping scores: Keeping records of who has screwed up the most in the relationship and therefore who owes the other one more. You use this to justify your own wrong doing later on.


2. Being passive aggressive: Instead of openly stating a desire or thought, you expect your partner use their ‘supernatural powers figure out what’s going on with you. You find small and petty ways to piss your partner off so you’ll then feel justified in complaining to them.


3. Emotional blackmail: Manipulating your partner by threatening to leave the relationship whenever you get in an argument.


4. Blaming your partner for feeling crappy: So you’re having a crappy day and your partner isn’t exactly paying much attention to you, you expect them to pause their lives to make you feel better. So the chance they get to sat hey, you lash out at them. Not cool!


5. Displays of Jealousy: Display of affection? No, it’s insane! Your partner cannot laugh, talk, walk past or sneeze in the same vicinity as another man/woman before you let the insane and unnecessary drama out.


6. The Silent Treatment: You resort to giving your partner the cold shoulder instead of speaking up about what’s bothering you. It’s an ineffective defense mechanism and wouldn’t solve the problem.

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