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7 Reasons Why She’s Giving You The Cold Shoulder In The Bedroom


So maybe when you guys started out the chemistry in one word was – electrifying! You used to have crazy, awesome, wild sex every moment you laid eyes on each other, gawd you just couldn’t keep those hands off each other. Fast forward,  you’re now married with kids but somehow that story has changed big time! In fact you can’t even believe you’re the same couple! Yes, it’s understandably frustrating but you can’t just close the chapter, just like everything in life, bedroom affairs also need work. Wondering what might have happened? It might be one of these;

1. She No Longer Feels Connected to You


Although it might be painful to hear, that just might be the problem. Perhaps you guys have grown apart overtime and while you feel more connected when you have sex with your spouse, she needs that emotional connection first. A woman needs to know she matters, she doesn’t want to have you, yet feel lonely. Loneliness causes disconnect. Be her pal and her lover, the one who loves every single thing about her insecurities, struggles, fears and all. Don’t just show up in her world, be there, body, mind and soul!

2. She Doesn’t Feel Sexy

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Of course she’s proud to be a mother and have those precious little kids, but the process has brought about changes in her body which she isn’t most likely excited about. It takes a super confident woman not to feel pressured into comparing herself to other women who remind her of how amazing her pre baby body used to be. Contrary to what you might think, she still needs affirmation from you. She needs to know you still find her attractive. Notice her complaining about her body from time to time? re affirm her, let her know she’s sexy within and outside the confines of your home, never hide your attraction and you’ll be surprised.

3. Her Sexual Appetite Is Naturally Not As Strong As Yours


Unlike you whose desire for sex might just be as high as always, it’s not the same for women; it is believed that a woman’s appetite for sex decreases as she places more value on tenderness and friendship as time goes by. But don’t lose it, there’s hope, be patient, feed her needs emotionally and physically, don’t be selfish put her needs into the equation. This outflow of love will warm her up to you your world of adventure in good time.

4. She is Stressed, Or Depressed


Yep, just like it sounds, that’s a whole lot of baggage! Motherhood is beautiful but she doesn’t get to smile every single minute of it; it’s emotionally and physically exhausting too. She gets to cater to everyone’s needs while hers take a back seat, so understandably it’s draining. Don’t just stand there complaining, help out! You could run some errands for her, don’t wait for her to ask, plus, you could give her a good massage, this will help relieve the stress a great deal.

5. She’s Focused On Being A Mum, Not A Wife


She’s a woman and somehow in her mind, she figures she always has to be perfect; the perfect wife, the perfect mum. Women naturally put a lot pressure on themselves and beat themselves to achieve perfection. This strain sometimes drives couples further apart. You be the shoulder she leans on, don’t let her pressure herself into trying to attain unrealistic results, make her know she’s doing a fabulous job and you appreciate her. Let her know you miss her and want her. Intimacy for couples is important.

6. She’s Cheating


Sorry to hit the nail on the head, but things can definitely go south in a relationship. Maybe she stopped giving it to you because she’s getting from somebody else, but you need to be certain before coming to any rash conclusions and even when you do, you both need to seat and talk things out like matured adults. You absolutely need to find out what caused her to cheat, you perhaps contributed to it. “Were you always too busy?”, “Did you always take her for granted?”, there are certain facts that need to be trashed before you know the necessary steps to take.

7. She’s Bored in Bed


There are certain things that turn each individual on and not knowing what sets your spouse on fire,  can be frustrating. Sometimes you can’t just sustain that level of passion you had at the very beginning but don’t beat yourself up. Invest instead in quality instead of quantity, stop worrying about how much sex you’re having and make those intimate moments memorable. That’s the way to go.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get right to it!

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  1. Interesting facts!
    And some men don’t take into cognizance that a woman’s entire make-up is entirely different from theirs.
    Emotional connect is just the key word.
    Thanks Happenings Magazine.


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