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7 Things You Should Know Before Becoming A Parent!


Nil exaggeration, no matter how prepared you try to be; devouring tons of books, hanging around kids 24/7, trying to feed off information from older parents and all, nothing adequately prepares you for being a parent. Becoming one requires hands-on experience which can be an exciting and wonderful experience, full of surprises, however sometimes it can also prove daunting and overwhelming. Want kids? 7 things you should know;


1. You need to be financially prepared


Being a parent is great, but bear in mind it comes with a huge price tag; added responsibility. Your child will come with needs and this is aside the regular breast milk he needs at first; talk diapers, clothes, regular health care, the arrival of your bundle of joy will no doubt take a toll on your finance if you’re not ready. Being a parent brings extra responsibility you need to ensure that your child is well taken care of financially. This is key to a happy home.

2. Making a baby isn’t as easy as it sounds


Having sex every single minute any and everywhere? Well that sounds like a pretty logical process of getting knocked up real quick, well, in reality it doesn’t work that way. While trying to conceive might be pretty easy for some, this is not always the case. Keep your mind at ease and give yourself extra time,  everyone’s got different body mechanism, this info is key so you don’t end up stressing yourself unnecessarily.

3. First few months = torture



Babies can be all sweet, blessing you with their cute smiles watching while you sing sweet melodies, but be warned, this isn’t the case all through; let’s see – you get to deal with inconsolable screams, waking up in the middle of the night – not getting enough sleep, nipple biting… sometimes it’s not just going to be pretty and perfect and that’s the honest to god truth.

4. Less sleep/ midnight cuddles


Yes you would be hugging some nights, but it won’t be with your partner; Picture your little toddler sleeping between you and your significant other because he doesn’t want to sleep alone or is afraid of the dark, yep, so much for snuggle time. With a child comes added responsibility, you get to give up some few hours of your precious sleep, taking good care of your little one.

5. Your life will never be the same 


Believe it, parenting changes you; your values, perspective, priorities become streamlined to fit into your child being in the picture. You can’t just wake up and decide to do absolutely nothing, now a child is in the picture and he needs to get to school, so we’re talking a bath, food, dropping him off,  picking him, free time becomes more precious no doubt.

6. Every child develops at a different pace


It’s pretty normal to stress about when babies should crawl, walk , talk – development milestones – especially when they are being compared to their pairs,  but the thing is, each child is unique and develops on his or her own time frame. Sometimes kids just need time while others might meet their milestone earlier than their peers, that’s how it works.  13 months of age and not yet walking? don’t sweat it, as long as he’s crawling and making effort to stand as he may begin walking soon. However, if you have a child 15 months of age and not yet walking, then it would be advised to consult your doctor. That said, it should be noted that factors such as; genes and environment play a major role in your child’s development as well.

7. Memories are every thing


From tiny babies, to toddlers, teenagers…Children grow quite fast and thank God, we’ve got technology which can easily help capture those precious moments. You can never have enough pictures/ videos , so develop the habit of taking pictures, do selfies and  record fun moments, those are moment you can never have back or recreate.

Becoming a parent is beautiful as well as challenging, opening you up to a whole new world of discovery; sometimes you’ll be strong, other times vulnerable beyond your belief but in the end that’s what makes you a great parent.



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