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7 Things To Stick To Mind When Your Ex Is Getting Married


It’s been quite a while since you heard from your ex and then suddenly the “big” news hits you right out from nowhere, your ex is getting married! Whoosh …just like that; sure you knew it was going to happen someday, still, it takes you by surprise and we’ve got social media to thank for breaking the “news”. Your emotions at that point; Anger? jealousy? genuine relief?… So it all boils down to one question – How should you deal with the news?

Know that it’s okay to feel bothered


Yes it is, after all this was someone you loved and probably imagined walking down the aisle with, so it’s pretty normal to feel a little tug at your heartstrings. But if you haven’t gotten over your ex it will be a whole lot more as you’ll most likely lean toward jealousy, but get over with it because you both deserve to be happy.

Revisit why it didn’t work out


Yes you’ve been down this road before, but bear in mind it will help a great deal; recall every negative detail that turned you off; flirting, incessant flaring up, nagging…this will help reinforce your decision to move on in the first place.

Drop a congratulatory line 


No point pushing your ex into oblivion just because he/she is getting married. If you’re on speaking terms send a congratulatory line, this goes a long way to let them know you’re okay with them moving on.

Badmouthing isn’t such a good idea

Hearing-All-Juicy-Gossip - Copy

So just in case you’re still hung up on your ex, resist temptation to badmouth them or their new found love, it will only make you look jealous.

Never ever mention to your current partner


Whatever you do, crying to your partner or revealing your hurt to them would most likely make your current love insecure as they would translate your being affected by the news to mean you’ve still got feelings for your ex. Not a good idea.

Ditch reminders on social media


Social media has a way of splashing everything in one’s face, so if you don’t want those wedding photos flooding your timeline, get them off your feed, then later you can bring them back after you’re absolutely over the whole drama.

In all, remember walking down the aisle isn’t a competition or measure of success, so take your time before you tow that road and if you never want to, who cares? Live your life and be happy!

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