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8 Marriage expectations and reality


Many often go into marriage with a few wild ideas and expectations and eventually get upset when these expectations don’t fall through. The fantasy of marriage looks a lot different from reality, so you got to wake up and smell the coffee. Take a look at a few of these expectations and the reality.

All your financial problems will be solved … This isn’t always the case. You got to have and make your own cash and not think you have an ever flowing well of supply. Chances are you may just have to put some in or totally run the show.


It’s a cure for loneliness…big mistake, if you expect marriage to cure loneliness. You have to work on that yourself from within.


You’ll be better respected… Ma’am/Mr because you have a ring on your finger doesn’t mean respect would naturally come to you. You earn respect.


Freedom to do whatever you want… “Yass! At last I’m free from my parents’ shackles”, so you think, sorry to break it to you honey, but you’re only moving to another – you know what I mean.


Kids would come the first year… Sometimes the kids don’t come after a couple of years; it’s best you prepare your mind for this and make your marriage so much more than about procreation and more about building a great relationship and home so when the kids do come they’re in a good place.

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You’ll always be in the honeymoon phase … It’s not going to be lovey dovey all the time -Life happens – but you both need to always make time for each other to spice your marriage up again and again.

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He’ll love anything you cook him…You’re not both not perfect but you shouldn’t think because you love each other he must eat a terribly made meal…lol. Instead of storming off in anger just accept that it wasn’t your best and move on. Learn new things and experiment too.


All your domestic problems are solved… from meals, laundry to house keeping – you think she’s got it covered? That’s not happening. Get the help you need -pay for it or help her out.

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Did you have any expectations before getting marriage? What has been the reality? Please share.




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