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8 Things You Should Absolutely Do The Minute You Retire


Finally! You can kick that annoying alarm clock goodbye and do whatever the hell you want. Being retired isn’t the end of the road like most people tend to think, in fact it’s a whole new beginning – a great opportunity to start your life afresh and do everything you’ve always wanted. Retired and bored out of your mind? follow these eight tips and you’ll be saying hello to a happy retirement in no time:

8 things to do when you retire: 

Live within your means: Before you retire, ensure you have your whole finances mapped out, this will help curb excess spending, forcing you to live within your budget, so you don’t end up dumping your financial baggage on your kids.


Start a business: Always had an idea at the back of your mind to start a new business? Now’s the perfect opportunity to try it out. Invest in your capital on you own terms – productivity can be really fulfilling.

Make a bucket list and stick to it – We’ve all got a mental list of things we hope to achieve before hitting six feet below- write it down! This would help show you what you really want and push you to accomplish them.


Get / reignite a hobby – Explore new horizons now that you finally gotten some spare time; expand your recipe repertoire with cookbooks or available info on the net, get involved in simple sporting activities, keep a memoir, learn a new language …whatever. Starting something new gives you something to be excited about.


Travel – Okay, great huh? But don’t over do it though – no drowning of resources on one big fancy trip when you barely have the resources. Exploring different parts of your country can also be fun. This helps you meet new people, creating a stimulating experience in turn.


Get involved with physical activity: Staying active, now that’s another great way to stay busy during retirement. You could do some swimming, or jogging once a week, this keeps you healthy and alert.


Spend time with family: You’ve got extra time on your hands, so why not make up for all those times you’ve been extra busy. Create fun memories with your family – Hookup with your relatives and spend quality time at home too, in the end, family’s all you’ve got and you’ll be sure glad they’re right there with you.


Embrace your new life – After all is said and done, it all boils down to enjoying the new life you’ve been given, instead of complaining every damn minute about how boring your whole world has now become! Get up, grab that champagne and live your life!  Let the fun begin!!

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