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8 Ways to be a great son-in-law


Most times we read stuff about daughter-in-law, mother-in-law relationship, but seldom so much about how son-in-laws should relate with their in-laws. Basically, son-in-laws have to prove to their in-laws that they are good enough for their daughter by treating her right. In this light, today we take a look at a few things that make a good son-in-law.

Respect your in-laws: They are your family too, so respect them as you do yours.


Take care of their daughter: Parents always hope that their daughter is doing well at her husband’s place. They just want you to love and care for her and the kids.


Visit often and invite them over too: You should make it a point to visit your in-laws as often as you can and also invite them over from time to time.


Call your in-laws: It’s good to keep in constant touch with your in-laws. Reach out to them often and know how they are doing. This would only leave them with the impression that you care.

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Support them financially: This isn’t mandatory but necessary. It doesn’t always have to be in cash, you could support in kind and services too.


Share special occasions with them: Like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc. Your presence at these events go a long way to further strengthen relationships.


Attend family gatherings and take active part: Unless it is avoidable, when your wife’s family has a get together, or special occasion make certain that you attend. Don’t leave them wondering why you aren’t there and thinking something is wrong.



Build good relationships with your wife’s siblings: They’ll be in your space a lot of the time, so a good relationship you should have with them.




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