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A Day to Wedding Father Hacks Bride To Death


Akinyele Sokoya

This may seem unbelievable to read, but it is true. A father hacked his daughter to death few hours to her wedding. Happenings gathered that 60-year-old Cletus Agbuluka,who is a drunkard suddenly, hacked his daughter to death in her sleep at Ndiagu Igboezue,Osikwu,Orumba North LG in Anambra state.

Before then,his family had warned him to desist from his drunken habit, which had made him a nuisance but he turned a deaf ear. The unfortunate incident occurred penultimate Friday when his daughter, 24-year old Oyinye, was preparing for her wedding with other family members in place, and her father came home drunk as usual without getting involved in the preparation.

Our source said, Cletus had requested for a torch from his daughter, which could not be found, leaving him angry and he went to bed in that state. Family members also went to bed, unaware of his anger.

“He woke up in the middle of the night in anger,took a cutlass and hacked his daughter to death in cold blood and his eyes cleared after the deed has been done”, said a source.

He has since been arrested and the corpse of her daughter deposited at the morgue.

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