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A famous Tennis Player stops the match in search of a lost girl



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Rafael Nadal is not only a world tennis champion but not only that, he’s a class act too. The 32-year-old is highly respected around the world for his professionalism, skill and overall good nature.


Nadal was playing a doubles match alongside Simon Solbas. The pair were against Carlos Moya and John McEnroe in Mallorca, Spain. The match was going well, but then commotion happened.


As Nadal was about to serve the ball, he heard a woman shouting “Clara!” in front of the 7,000 spectators. The woman seemed to be panicking and in need of some urgent attention.

Nadal the other tennis pros realised that the woman’s daughter had gone missing. They immediately stopped the game to try and get everybody’s attention on getting the little girl found.


Thankfully with the attention on finding the little girl, she was quickly spotted in another part of the crowd.


The mother looked so relieved to have found her daughter and the both of them were crying. Stopping the match was all the mother needed to find her missing child.


Everybody applauded and the match continued. Now that is what you call professionalism.

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