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Africans And The Guinness Book Of Records


In 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver laid the foundations for one of the worlds most sought after information and reference bestselling books in history which is now known as the Guinness World Book Records. Sir Hugh, the Managing Director of Guinness Breweries as at the time conceived this idea at a hunting party.

Guinness World Records, which was later changed to “The Guinness Book of Records” in 2000 is a reference book published annually, containing a collection of world records, both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. The book itself holds a world record, as the bestselling copyrighted book of all time. It has various spin offs with television series across the globe, it is also one of the most stolen reference books in libraries’ in the United States and if not the world.

Africans are not left out of the record books as amazing feats have also being recorded in this part of the world. In terms of human achievements and even concerning the working of nature, the book has penned down some of the most outstanding. We highlight some interesting records from Africa and also African record breakers for you so as to appreciate the special place we as Africans, occupy as a special people. 

The world’s shortest Chameleon known as Brookesia Minima with a length of just 18mm was found in Madagascar. While Libya has the world record for the largest Irrigation project with more than 5000km of pipeline carrying 6.5million cubic meters of water per day. These are just a collection of awards shared by some African countries. Remember Africa is really an untapped mine of wonders.


World Shortest Chameleon                   World record for the largest Irrigation project

Now when it comes to human endeavors, African countries have produced record breakers in virtually all spheres of life. Nigeria has the record of two twin sets marrying each other for the first time ever in Africa and the 251st in the world. And there is the genius known as Tunji Olu-Taiwo, an engineering student of the Eastern Mediterranean University in the Turkish republic of North Cyrus who obtained the perfect CGPA of 4.0 out 4.0; a simply outstanding feat from the young Nigerian which is yet to be broken.

chiddy of chiddy bang

Chiddy of Chiddy Bang


In 2006 Kaffy the prolific Nigerian dancer and choreographer established the world longest dancing record as she danced her way into fame with a time of 52hours and 3 minutes. A Nigerian also holds the record  for longest rap free style, Chiddy of Chiddy Bang free-styled for an amazing 9hours, 18mins and 22 seconds; that’s what you term ‘dope’. To top it all, Nigerians unveiled the largest football jersey ever in 2010 at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos. The jersey measured an astounding 241ft 3In in width and 294ft 2In in height to break a record set in Turkey in 2009.


Kaffy                                                         World largest football jersey in Nigeria

Nigerian Senator David Dafione is the patriarch of the first family in history to produce the largest number of chartered accountants in the world. Kimani Ng’ Ang’A Maruge from Kenya is the oldest person to begin primary school in the world at the age of 84 on the 12th of January2004, he even wore school uniform and passed his first end of term with flying colors; sadly he passed away at the age of 90, and he enrolled because he wanted to study the bible.

senator david dafione

Senator David Dafione

kimani ng' ang'a maruge

Kimani Ng’ Ang’A Maruge
(oldest person to begin primary school in the world at the age of 84)

In sports, Cameroonian Roger Milla has the distinct record of being the oldest goal scorer in world cup history at the age of 42 against Russia at the 1994 world cup held in the USA. Don’t think the record has been broken yet because it still stands till date. Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o has won the African

roger milla

Roger Milla                                  George Weah

eto and toure

  Samuel Eto’o                                          Yaya Youre

footballer of the year a record four times and shares the award for most wins in a row with Yaya Toure of Cote D’ Voire with three wins in a row. George Weah of Liberia has the distinct honor of having won the world footballer of the year, the European footballer of the year and African footballer of the year in one swoop in 1995.

The awards highlighted here are just a tip of the iceberg, as Africans hold a collection of outstanding awards in every works of life. To understand the richness of life in Africa pick up a copy of the Guinness World Records and you won’t be disappointed you did.

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