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Ambrose Somide On His birthday


Akinyele Sokoya

Although it is about a month since when he celebrated his birthday, the glitz and glamour of the celebration is yet to settle down. We are talking about Managing Director, Ray Power and fAAJI FM Ambrose Olutayo Somide.

The talented broadcaster whose career has influenced many upcoming journalists in his words, “I am just too short of words. I don’t think I have ever received any amount of greeting like that during my birthday. It started right from airport”. Somide was not be carried away by the felicitations he received or how much people poured encomium on his personality.

“it is not all about people greeting me or merry, merry that one should think about. One should think about his life where one is coming from, where one is and where one is going. Also one has to think that it is not by ones power that one lives to celebrate another year, but God grace.

“What really strikes most was that on the morning of my birthday I was about boarding a flight when a daughter of one of my friend called me and informed me that her father who was my friend just died. I was afraid to board the plane. Many things were going through my mind like; is this not a message for me? Is this going to be my last? So it is by grace not by my power” , Ambrose Somide who is close to three decades in broadcasting journalism explained.

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