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American Rap Artist Cardi B Defends Offset’s Cheating


American Rap artist and former stripper, Cardi B is not shy about confronting a controversy head on, or putting whoever tries to bring up her sordid past as a stripper in their place. The star who has come a long way from a lowly stripper from the Bronx is enjoying impressive growth in her rap career. Right now she is pregnant and expecting the birth to her baby girl any time soon, with her boyfriend turned husband, Offset of rap group Migos.

The relationship between Cardi B and Offset have been fraught with contention, chief amongst them are rumours of cheating, especially on Offset’s part. Fans all over the world were shocked when the rapper admitted to secretly marrying her cheating boyfriend Offset.

Most came for her, saying the rap star is not practicing what she preached in her hit single ‘Bodak Yellow’, in the song she said,  “And I am quick to cut a ni**a off so don’t get comfortable”.

According to a fan who condemned her decision to marry her cheating boyfriend, “so they married and he still cheated”. Cardi’s response to the condemnation was, ” and so did Martin Luther King, Kobe, Jayz and Clinton and most likely your father but guess what we work things out we grew, bout to have a baby and purchasing a home together. Sh*t happens.”

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