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Angry Mob Attack Policeman after Girl is Raped in Intensive Care Unit

by Aisha Abdulrasaq

Following the rape of a teenage girl by a ward boy at the hospital where she is being admitted, a number of angry protesters clashed with baton-wielded policemen outside Jagriti Hospital in Kanpur, India.

According to The Sun UK, Violence broke out after news went round that a student named Akansha, 17, had been raped by a ward boy in the hospital’s intensive care unit where she was admitted.

She had been rushed to the hospital after falling ill and losing consciousness at a party in the city. Akansha claimed that she was drugged and raped by ward boy or nursing assistant later that same night.

She said: “After I was brought to the ICU, my mother changed my clothes. “Late at night, the ward boy showed up and said since your clothes are wet, they will need to be changed.

“I asked him to call a nurse or my mother” but he refused. “I had to change clothes in front of the ward boy”.

“The ward boy came again and injected me with a drug, which caused me to fall sleep. He took advantage of the situation and raped me.”

The father of the victim, who was not named by local media, revealed that he was denied access to his daughter on the night of the incident.

“In the morning I forcibly entered the ICU, where seeing the condition of my daughter’s clothes, I suspected that something was wrong. I shook her awake and she started crying and told me about the whole incident.” He said.

Speaking on the incident, Deputy Inspector General of police, Sonia Singh said: “The family members of the girl have been up in arms against the hospital for couple of days. We are doing our best to douse the situation because we cannot tolerate lawlessness. However, stringent action against the accused will be taken”.

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