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Are guys intimidated by successful women?


Most ladies grow dreaming of being able to ‘hold their own!’…

They fantasize about being successful, you know; being that independent lady who is able to cater for her every need without having to go through that not so funny process of mental strategizing, where she looks herself in the mirror, rehearsing every trick in the book on how to psyche her darling husband just for a little cash and giving him a performance worthy of the Grammys!

Many women grew up with the understanding that if they were ‘independent’ men would do anything to make them theirs; but alas that’s not the case as many successful ladies seem to be alone. Funny, how people tend to indirectly advice ladies to tie the knot immediately cash starts rolling in to avoid been tagged- unapproachable and therefore a snob!

So the big question is – Are most men intimidated by successful ladies? In response to this, most men deny this, saying that these successful ladies rather become un-submissive and proud, and sometimes the married ones go as far as trying to drag their position in the home.

In contrast however, these women claim that their husbands can’t handle their wealth and fame, and so begin to get aggressive and when the women try to stand up for themselves, they run to the society playing the victim!

So people, we’ll like to know what you think, do you think men are intimidated by successful women?

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