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Are Truck Drivers Demi-gods on Nigerian Roads?


Heavy vehicles are a menace on Nigerian roads. The fact that these trucks, lorries, and trailers are an immense source of help when it comes to moving goods, especially agricultural and industrial products, from one place, town or state to another does little to change this fact.

The problems they cause far outweigh the help they render. They break traffic rules by weighing their trucks down with much more than they can handle and speed as if they are in competition with smaller vehicles. They drive recklessly, without consideration for other road users. It almost seems that once a driver has been given the key to a heavy vehicle, he becomes drunk on power, acting like an untouchable demi-god that can get away with anything on the highway.


The rate at which accidents between these heavy vehicles and smaller ones occurs is alarming. Only last weekend, a truck fell on a bus at Ojota bus stop, killing five people and leaving three others injured. There was another accident between a truck and smaller vehicles in the Ikorodu area of Lagos earlier this morning, leaving a number of casualties in its wake. And all these happening when we haven’t quite gotten over the shock of the trailer that fell off a bridge and crushed a smaller car at Ojuelegba two years ago.

Perhaps it is time for the Lagos State Government to be more stringent in enforcing laws that would curb the excesses of the truck drivers. Motorists should also endeavour to take precaution and give heavy vehicles a safe distance on the roads.


Photo Credit: Bamigbala Adekola & Temitope Aina



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