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Artificial Dimples: Extreme Beauty Trend?


Thanks to modern medicine, women and men are now able to drastically alter their bodies any way they please. From large silicon breast implants, to liposuction of unwanted body fat.

There are even procedures to transplant hair, for those who suffer from alopecia (hair loss). Botox to battle wrinkles and implants for the lips, to give it a poutier fuller appearance. Women are also able to improve the appearance of their buttocks for a much fuller figure.

Men are not left out of these vain beauty pursuits, as some get pectorals transplanted to give them the appearance of being buff and manly.

The latest in shocking beauty trend, is the creation of artificial dimples. A dimple is an indentation on the flesh across the cheek or chin area,while some may be permanent, others form when an individual smiles.

Dimples are quite pleasing to the eyes, however not all individuals possess them. Women in some parts of the world are feeding into this vanity, by going under the knife to get artificial dimples.

While many see this as an extreme beauty trend, there are others who are not opposed to getting dimples from doctors.

What are your thoughts about the artificial dimples beauty trend?

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