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#AskHappenings: Help! My boyfriend wants sex but I don’t


Dear Happenings,

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months. I’m a virgin but he is sexually active,and when we started dating he agreed to wait till I was ready. Lately, he’s been bringing up the topic and making moves when we are together. I’m not ready to have sex yet, and I feel I might lose him if I don’t budge.

What should I do?

Concerned lady.

Dear Concerned lady,

Lose him! I don’t mean to sound harsh and unfeeling but that’s more likely to happen in cases like this.

However, before this I’d advise you have a candid conversation about this. Is sex that important to him that it could jeopardise your relationship? Does he really love you enough to respect your wishes and wait till you’re ready? These and more you must seek answers to.

You should do what’s best for you. Do not be pressured into sex when you aren’t ready for it. So what happens when you give it up in a bid to save a relationship you probably aren’t totally sure of and its messy aftermath blows up in your face? Regret – that’s what comes next.

It’s advisable to find someone who is on board with your principles than living frustrated lives together. It’s going to be you pushing him away and he trying to have his way, and only conflict would arise.

So quite frankly, except he is indeed ready to meet you and you him in a reasonable, unselfish centre, you should begin to think about moving on.

Wish you the best.


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