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#AskHappenings: My girlfriend doesn’t want me to use a condom


Dear Happenings,

My girlfriend doesn’t like the idea of me using a condom when we have sex, she claims it’s better without it so we can get the real feeling.I agree, but I’m not ready to father a child. What do I do to convince her?



Dear Jimmy,

I think from your mail it’s safe to assume that you know what you want in your relationship, but it isn’t clear how long you’ve been together. Ergo, when it comes to sex, both parties must agree on what goes on, how they want it, how often or none at all.Your fears are valid owing to STIs and the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, however she has a right to what she wants too. You need to have a conversation with her, honestly and clearly, expressing the way you feel about unprotected sex and how important it is to you but also listen to her views too.

If  you are sure she is faithful to you and you to her, condoms aren’t the only form of protection against pregnancy if that’s your major concern, you can have her consider the use of birth control pills or taking a test to be sure you both are clean and then stick to each other. But if you aren’t sure about your fidelity to each other and she doesn’t still see reason on the importance, it’s best you do what’s in your best interest.

Hope this helps you.


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