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Bachelorette party gone too far!


A raunchy video went viral of a young woman getting ‘some’, the reasons for it going viral has nothing to do with its sex scene rather a plot twist reveals that the woman having sex in the video is a bride to be who may have gone too far at her bachelorette party. According to the story, a video is made while she is having wild impetuous sex with the ‘stud’ like looking male stripper, while her girl friends egg her on in her debauchery.

The sexually explicit video gets worse when the stripper spills himself on her face at the end. The wedding is called off, clearly the groom is none too pleased with his bride’s conduct at her bachelorette party. A bride to be may have lost her happily ever after, because of one night of boisterous and impulsive fun.

Here is the video, 18+

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  1. I feel so sorry for her fiancee. Why do people treat sex so lightly? How can you so deeply betray the person you are planning to marry? If this had happened to me, I would also end the engagement. Such a betrayal of trust.


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