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Bad Boy Luiz And Arsenal’s Dashed Hopes: 2 Things We Learnt


By Mac Izu Nelson

Today’s 2 things we learnt takes a look back at some things we noted from yesterday’s football action.

1. Bad Boy Luiz; Yes, that is what we have decided to tag David Luiz; a bad boy.

He is that kid in class with all the “too cool for school” swagger, yet with all the brains of a potato head.
After his antics yesterday, Liverpool fans were left fuming, blubbering, cursing, before lifting shrivelled middle fingers at Luis’ celebrating figure.

“The goal for no stand”, was the popular consensus or the less vocal, “That Karius na fool! Juz Nego du where him go stand!”

Either way, it was a well taken free kick goal, which this writer believes two keepers might have had a hard time saving as it went in off the bar.

The goal put Chelsea in the driving seat for most part of the first half, and Luis in particular impressed with his reading of the game in defence.

The second half was a slightly different affair, as Liverpool appeared to be more vibrant after the half time team talks.

The Liverpool goal came in easy fashion, almost reminiscent of the Dele Alli brace against Chelsea a while back.

A delightful cross from Jordan Henderson was met with a powerful header by Georgihno Wijnaldum to level things up at Anfield.

A criticism of the Chelsea backline is that too often, aerial crosses around the Moses/Alonso axis aren’t properly dealt with.

It is hard to play through Chelsea because it is hard to dribble past Kante in midfield so teams have devised a new way to play the Blues.

A solution must be made, quickly, if the Blues hope to be crowned champions.

2. Arsenal Stunned; Arsenal fans must have gotten used to the feeling of dashed hopes and broken promises on January transfer deadline day.

Arsene Wenger is so set on his way that once, while other coaches were out securing the signatures of reinforcements to their teams, Wenger went to see the Pope.

Another time, he bought an injured Kim Kallstrom.

But yesterday, transfer deadline disappointment found a new meaning for Arsenal.

And everything they must have felt, must have been all rolled up into the peppery, goitre inducing name that is “Watford.”

Shh, say it softly, lest an Arsenal fan overhears you.

Such was the abjectedness of Arsenal’s play that they considered two sloppy goals in the opening 13 minutes of the game.

The first a deflected free kick taken by Younes Kaboul, and the second a tap in by Troy Deeney.

Alex Iwobi for all his striving on the day, was rewarded with a goal after a measured Sanchez cross.

But the Gunners must have felt hard done by a team which recently crashed out of the F.A cup to League 1 opposition, Millwall.

Arsenal remains level on points with Tottenham who also drew to Sunderland, yesterday.

The Gunners need to beware of the host of teams behind them who are also in sore need of the top champions league spots.

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