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Banke Meshida Still Dictates the Pace


Adebare Akinwale

Banke Meshida Lawal, is the boss at BMPRO, which is probably one of the biggest names and brands in her line of business.

She is the make up artist on speed dial to the celebrities and stars worth their salts, as she doesn’t come cheap at all. Meshida’s journey into being the influencer she is in the Nigerian beauty industry started over a decade ago in her university days in the University of Lagos.

According to her, it started out as a hobby- “I would wear makeup and people will ask me to help them out. I did that for strangers and friends without hesitation.” Her skill at it made her turn it into a business upon graduation. Her decision to follow her passion soon began to pay off with a steady rise to prominence.

She once admitted to not expecting this level of significance makeup artistry enjoys in Nigeria. “I didn’t even think makeup will get to the level it is now.”, she added. Her expertise has warmed her into the heart of plenty of prominent clients- including first ladies and billionaire wives in the country.

She has also won a plethora of awards- from Best Makeup Artist (The Nigerian Event Awards2012) to Makeup Artist of The Year (FAB AWARDS-2010) to Makeup Brand of The Year (ELOY AWARDS 2009) and many more.

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