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#BBNaijaUpdates: Chicken &Egg Game; Housemates win their Wager


By Busari Yusuf

From the start of this week, housemates have been seen going hard in rehearsals for the Make Noise Task presentation. This week’s task was to make musical instruments using items such as containers, bins and tins and compose three songs from different musical genres namely; traditional music, modern Nigerian hip-hop as well as any musical genre of the Housemate’s choice. In addition, they had to make costumes for their bands.

The housemates were grouped into three bands and the names and members were;

Band Name                                              Band Members

Sistematik                                                 Bassey, Bisola, Tboss and Efe

Tube                                                          TTT, Bally, Uriel and Ese

Resonance                                                Jon, Gifty, Debie-Rise and Kenem

Basing on their Make Noise Task, Big Brother decided to place chicken and egg costumes in the store room for them to have some fun, and instructed Head of House, Ese, to decide which housemate would wear which costume. But, after a discussion, it was decided that they would pick their fate out of a tin.


The chickens were Bisola, Jon, Efe,Gifty, Uriel, Tboss and Bassey while the eggs were TTT, Marvis, Ese, Debie-Rise, Kenem and Bally. In the task, at the sound of the buzzer, each housemate had to chase the egg and sit on them in the nests placed in the garden until they hear the buzzer. As there were only seven chickens and six eggs, the chicken that didn’t catch an egg had to do the dreaded chicken dance until the buzzer sounds.Bisola and Bassey couldnt catch Marvis and had to do the famed chicken dance.

It was all fun and games until Biggie reminded the Housemates about the Task Presentation in the evening.

It kicked off with The Tube group featuring TTT, Uriel, Ese and Bally that nailed it on the SeeGobe song for the task presentation depite the two ladies having a pretty nasty moment that resulted in Uriel breaking down in tears during her diary session. Resentments were put away as a 100% wager was at stake. They split into a two part harmony, dancing seductively to the bluesy hooks of their song. TTT and Bally provided percussion and adlibbed, further lifting the atmosphere. They were followed by Bassey on the drums, Bisola on the shakers, Efe on the base drums and Tboss on the sticks for systematic group. Bisola sang the chorus with Efe dropping two rap verses for the song. Next was resonance group who closed off the show with Kenem on the sticks , Jon on the bass drums, Debie-Rise on the drums and Gifty on the shakers.  Jon and Debie-Rise lead the vocals ending the performance with spirited gyration.

The housemates finally performed a musical as a group titled ‘Follow Your Dreams’ for their grand finale with creative characters where Tboss played a young girl who is a gifted painter but whose father [Jon] does not approve of her vocation. She flees to go make it big in the city but struggles to make ends meet until one day she meets a talent scout [Kenem] who gives her a big break.

The housemates erupted into screams of joy as Biggie called their Make Noise Task group performance ‘splendid’  and awarded them their 100% wager plus a special package of Pizza, Chicken buckets and Drinks by #BBNaija official sponsor PayPorte.

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