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Beauty and the brains – Model rock lashes boss tells us why she chose the lash line


Model rock lashes is a human hair lash brand aimed at supplying lashes to makeup artists in bulk and retail. They are 8 months old, and the launched officially in Lagos on the 31st of July 2015. The intimate party was attended by family, friends, makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts and the brand ambassadors of the brand; Sharon Ojong, Tonye and Powede Lawrence. We caught up with the CEO Maero Ukoli , who gave us her reasons for choosing lashes, and the challenges she has faced with in her line of business. Let’s meet her.

Why eye lashes? You could have done any other thing but you chose this?

We’ve noticed that a lot of girls love lashes, and most of the time you hear makeup, fashion and all that but when you make people up, it’s never complete without a pair of lashes on, that is the vava voom and the glam factor. Yeah, why not lashes? Imagine when you have different lashes that give different looks and you look good. It makes me happy that I can make people happy to look good.


How old is Modelrock Lashes Nigeria?

Modelrock is 8 months now. We’re still babies, but we are doing pretty good. I have been a makeup artist for 8 years, imagine working so long and noticing there is a gap in the industry; There’s a need for quality lashes. If you want good lashes, it’s over priced thus Modelrock is very affordable and even with the hike in dollar prices.

 How is the eye lash market?

It’s very lucrative. Funny thing is that, you just need to reach out to makeup artists and people who use them on others, so those people make all the noise for me, and because of the product quality, they keep coming back.

Will Modelsrock branch out?

The lashes thing is really big and people keep asking me this, so yes We are branching out, yes we have something in store and we’ll let you know in 3months or less.


What challenges have you faced in your line of business?

Nigerians, I mean, you’re shipping things, and then customs frustrates you by putting an outrageous duty on your products because they know you’re going to sell those things. At the end, it almost makes it impossible to keep the prices down but I believe in volume, and I know that if people buy in bulk, you’ll still make your profit and  the company will still grow.

What distinguishes your brand from others

Quality. I have seen other brands and they’re beautiful, everybody has their unique thing, but for us, we didn’t hold back.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years

Wow, If I tell you where I see us, it’s really big. The reception I have gotten in just 8 months is amazing, then think 5 years.



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