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Behind The Walls Of 355 Restaurant And Lounge


355 Restaurant and lounge isn’t your regular trip. With its array of mouth watering Mexican and continental delicacies – a variety of chicken wings, Fajita and Burritos- the customers are forced to come back for more. And it gets even better. Enjoying all of this comes at an unbelievably cheap price.

Getting the scoop from Kevin, a faithful customer who has got attached to the restaurant from the very beginning says: “I particularly love the Asian Zing Wing, this brings me back here all the time, together with the romantic ambience, plus, the price here is fair as well.”

Bose another customer who is also a regular, “the atmosphere is comfortable and the food is dope.”

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, when next you’re in a fix trying to figure out your best bet- think 355 Restaurant And Lounge. Opening hours are; Monday’s 8am-4pm, Tuesday to Thursdays- 8am-12am and on Weekends it runs 24/7.

 Cozzy Interior of 355 Lounge

                                                                         Engaging feel of luxury

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