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Bellestar Black soap: Magic in a bottle


While most people are blessed with beautiful flawless skin that takes care of itself, there are others who are not so lucky.

Plagued by acne, hyperpigmentation, dry and dull looking skin, sometimes we need to give the skin a little extra to get the best.

Even worse our environment makes it rather difficult with the scorching sun, dust, smoke and dirt, all these are a recipe to leave your sensitive skin in a terrible state.

I found that little extra to help with my skin, I call it my magic in a bottle. From an acne infested face, with several acne scars and dark spots, I had stumbled on the one thing that could keep the acne and dark spots away. That is the bellestar black soap.

Its luxurious lather and the creaminess of the body soap, had me falling in love at first use. The minty feeling after a bath had me hooked.

Seeing the effect of this magic in a bottle after two weeks, I became addicted, my skin tone was even, acne was drying out and dark spots were fading away.

I had found something that actually works, after years of buying skin care products with fraudulent promises and it blew my mind away, ladies you should try this magic in a bottle.

Even better, it is made from 100 percent natural ingredients, so no fear of nasty side effects from harmful chemicals.

If you are lucky and do not suffer a skin problem, even better as this maintains and enhances your beautiful skin.

To purchase in Lagos, visit the nearest cosmetics store near you. Also my Ghanian beauties can contact +233548075510 to purchase.

Wouldn’t you rather try this magic in a bottle?

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