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Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea butter is derived from nuts of the Shea tree found all over West-Africa including Nigeria, Ghana and Burkina-Faso. A different species can be found in Uganda.

Shea butter is made up of cinnamic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids and rich in Vitamins A & E as well as other vital nutrients. The stearic acid gives it a solid consistency, while the oleic acid influences how soft or hard the Shea butter is.

It has been used over the centuries for both clinical and beauty purposes, no wonder Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egypt acknowledged Shea butter as the secret of her beauty.


Shea butter helps to:-

ü  Cure diaper rashes

ü  Prevent stretch mark (especially during pregnancy)

ü  Eliminate dry and itchy scalp

ü  Heal skin burns and variety of skin allergies.

ü  Promotes glossy hair growth

ü  Deeply moisturize the skin and free of greasy residue.

ü  Relief muscle/joint aches, tension and pains. (massage cream)

ü  Effectively screen sun and reduce skin exposure to UV rays.

Also, antioxidants present in Unrefined Shea Butter can neutralize free radical activity which lowers skin cell damage, leading to a more youthful and healthy skin.


It is called “women’s gold” because production (gathering, cooking, extracting) of the butter is a source of employment and income to rural African village women and farmers. The traditional but tedious extraction process helps Shea butter retain muse of its nutritional, skin care and medicinal benefits.


The quality of Shea butter depends on the specie of nuts itself and the methodology adopted in the production process.

Exposure to environmental elements like sun and humid storage can also reduce efficacy of the butter, that why you hardly see it displayed under scorching sun, it is best preserved in air-tight plastic containers, stored in dark dry places. Contrary to popular belief, Color is not a determinant of Shea butter`s quality as it can range from beige to golden yellow.

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