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Beverly Naya is ms. unpredictable


Our very own Beverly Naya is a year older today! Beverly is known for bringing her hair game to the red carpet. The  talented actress rocks daring silhouettes and sometimes risque outfits but never baring it all. As she celebrates her day we cant help but critique our favorite Beverly red carpet moments.


I remember when Beverly rocked this dress, oh my she got the internet abuzz with positive and negative comments. I think she rocked it! I love the cut of this dress, but it doesn’t flatter her from behind, also, sheer is pretty revealing, so if you have cellulite, this is not for you. She had the carriage  for this outfit, though you’ll have to be really self conscious so that it never shifts sideways exposing your inner woman. Apart from that I think its pretty.


35. Beverly Naya in Wana Sambophoto credit; ono bello


Layered dresses are very difficult to pull off, thus the wearer needs to always be careful so that it doesn’t overwhelm you like it did her. Honestly, the dress is not her size, the neckline is ugly, the colour is too dark, that purse looks terrible, and please who noticed the tail, it brings to mind the saying “… what the cat dragged in” . On someone bigger hopefully it would have been more flattering unfortunately she doesn’t even look happy in the dress either.


I love Beverly but I was so annoyed when she turned up to the AMVCAs in that jumpsuit! Talk of a buzz kill. I have said it before, if you are going to defy the norm and dare to be different, do it in such a way that next year, everyone will want to be you. The cut of the neck is downright inappropriate, and if her boobs were any bigger they would just pop out! the lack of jewellery finally killed the mood for me.

beverly photo credit; bella naija

I love the colour yellow, It just makes everything pop. I love how she matched up this green and yellow blouse and played down the hair and make up. She’s wearing snake skin shoes and a brown purse which won’t have matched, save for the silver hardware on it which matches the purse to the shoes. But in all, it doesn’t look bad at all.




Pop of colour! This right here is a simple black outfit, spiced up with a yellow clutch. But we need to always be careful with our inner accoutrements. Seeing a bra right beside the neckline of your dress unbeknownst to you, in a picture is pretty humiliating. Thus let’s pay attention both to our inner and outer garments.

Beverly is a stunning woman, which a brighter more stylish future ahead of her, she just needs to choose her outfits more carefully. Thumbs up girl.

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