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Bill Cosby almost assaulted me – Chelsea Handler

Bill Cosby and Chelsea Handler

Television star Chelsea Handler recently revealed that international comic guru Bill Cosby almost sexually assaulted her, adding she believes he is guilty of the sexual assault charges laid against him.

Turning Bill Cosby’s name into a verb in a recent interview with the Esquire she said the comedian once tried to “Cosby” her.

Buttressing her point  she made reference to a  past incident which involved Bill a decade ago in an Atlantic City hotel.

While doing stand-up routines at the hotel with Cosby, she was asked to go back to his hotel suite. “And I thought that’s really weird. And I said, ‘That’s really weird. I don’t want to go alone.’ I go, ‘I don’t know him,’ ” Handler said.

She had three men with her at the time who were filming her and was grateful to have them along. “I brought them up with me to his room and thank God I did, because now I know what would’ve happened if I went up there alone.”

Handler didn’t remember the incident until a friend recently brought it to her attention. “I was like, I didn’t even think of it. Then my friend texted me the other day saying, ‘Do you remember that night we went up to, or that afternoon we went up to Bill Cosby’s and you were so freaked out you made us come with you?’ And I said, Yeah, and he said, ‘Hello! You could’ve been one of his victims if we weren’t there.’ And I went, “Oh my gosh.” she revealed.

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