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The kiss was intrusive, sloppy and accompanied by heavy breathing; all three ingredients guaranteed to turn any sane woman off. But Sophie didn’t think she was sane. Somehow, the heavy breathing blocked out the humdrum of beachside partying and the sloppiness was something she could overlook. She made one last feeble attempt to push him away before allowing herself sink into him, enduring initially, then finally enjoying the kiss. To her, this was familiar place in a time long lost. Ben held her possessively as his tongue delved deeper into her mouth, seeking, tasting, teasing and coaxing a response from her and when he finally got it, he allowed his kiss soften and his hand roam free all over her body. He touched her full breasts and allowed his hand linger, squeezing gently. He thrust his pelvis up and allowed his bulge grind against her.

Sophie, tipsy and horny, reached down and grabbed his bulge. She squeezed it gently, wet and needy… wishing he would take her that instant, her initial derision forgotten. They continued kissing and fondling till she let out an impatient sigh and pushed his T-shirt up to suck on his nipples. Ben groaned and threw his head back, reminiscing of their times together when she was naked and willing to let him do as he pleased. Unexpectedly, he felt tears burning at the back of his eyes and shut them tight to prevent the tears from spilling. Without meaning to ruin the moment, he stopped his caresses and held her tight against his body in a hug that conveyed more feelings than he thought possible. It took a while before it registered to Sophie that Ben’s kisses and caress had stopped. Sanity came flooding back on her and with it, anger. She pushed away from him, half expecting him to pull her back but was surprised he didn’t. Putting some distance between them, she gathered all the anger she could muster and unleashed on him.

“You’re a horrible, manipulative person Ben. I can’t believe how heartless you are. After breaking my heart and acting like I meant nothing to you, you’re now back wanting to use sex as a tool.” She spat out.

“I’m sorry” was all he could say, in a broken voice. But Sophie wasn’t done.

“Only God knows whether you are now H.I.V positive and you’re looking to spread it… If not, I don’t see any reason why you would pounce on me like that.” She continued venomously.

Ben said nothing immediately. He managed to sit up and made a feeble attempt at brushing the sand off his shirt. Seeing it’s futility, he gave up and stood up, using a nearby coconut tree as a brace. He staggered a little but seemed to control himself. If Sophie had bothered to look closely at him, she would have realized that he was crying. The tears he’d been fighting to control inwardly, had won the battle and were now pouring out freely.

“Sophie, I am sorry. I don’t know what came over me… Please…” He turned away, hurrying off so she wouldn’t see him cry. Misreading his action, Sophie stood up and stomped after him, her righteous indignation, firmly in place.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me you this… this… abominable sex fiend! That’s all you know… Sticking your penis into every woman that comes your way. No self-respecting man would throw away a good relationship for sex with women he barely knew. No sane man will have someone willing to give her life to make a relationship work and still cheat on her. What didn’t I do to make you happy Ben? What? Tell me if you can? But of course you can’t because you are cursed! CURSED!!!” She screamed after him.

Her words hit him hard and made him stop and ball his hands into a fist. He took calming breaths and continued walking, refusing to respond to her though he had a sharp retort waiting at the tip of his tongue. Not wanting to draw the attention of people around them, he decided walk down a path that he knew would be deserted. He trudged on, his heart heavy and his emotions awry. He loved Sophie… He knew he had done her wrong and hurt her. He also knew that badgering her the minute he’d set eyes on her after their messy break up was unfair but he’d been unable to help himself. She’d been in his head for weeks, tormenting him, and somehow, seeing her had made him think it was fate that wanted to bring them back together. But something deep down inside had stopped him. If he wanted Sophie back, he was going to get her the right way. He wanted sex but he wasn’t going to use it as a lure. With a deep sigh, he turned around and noticed that she had stopped following him. Ben shook his head and continued his long walk back to his lodge.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sophie’s mood was a far contrast compared to the morning sun. Her night had ended horribly, no thanks to Ben on the one hand and their lodge-mates on the other. After her spat with Ben, she had returned to the lodge, angry, frustrated and still horny. As if adding insult to injury, she found Mabel asleep on the porch of their lodge while the two girls they were supposed to share the hut with remained in the room with their lovers. She’d had no choice but to sleep out on the porch with Mabel, and that, on its own, was irritating. Though the night had been cool, she barely slept a wink; too aware of how vulnerable she and Mabel were. And when she finally did fall asleep, she was rudely awaked by Mabel screaming obscenities at their lodge-mates and telling them in many colorful ways to “Go fuck themselves”. Disgruntled, Sophie had managed to pick herself up and head towards the beach where a breakfast buffet table had been set. Her plan that day was simple… Eat breakfast, look for a quiet place to sleep, try to have some fun and avoid Ben at all cost. That seemed like a simple enough plan and with any luck, she was sure she was going to achieve it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chowing away on some sausages, bread and eggs, Sophie allowed the cool morning breeze caress her skin. Her mood was lighter now, thanks to good food and a steaming mug of over-sweetened cocoa. Mabel, having successfully evicted their other lodge-mates, was now seated under the shade of a coconut tree, chowing away on bread and beans and chattering non-stop with the Bride-to-be and some other ‘struggle’ over-bleached big girls. Sophie was glad to be alone. Thus far, there was no sign of Ben and that made her glad…

… And a little uneasy.

Several times during her tranquil musing, she’d wondered where he was and what he was up to. She’d replayed their heated moment together in her head, wondering why he had suddenly stopped their lovemaking. In the bright morning light, she was able to rationalize issues more clearly and was not afraid to admit -albeit to herself – that her reaction to his sudden withdrawal was overdramatic, immature and quite frankly, silly. She wondered if that was the reason he was no where to be found… Or maybe he was still trying to sleep away his hangover… Or maybe he was plain avoiding her. Either way, her thoughts made her uneasy.

She polished off her breakfast, tossed the paper-plate carelessly to the ground and began her return back to the lodge. She was almost there when she saw him. He was seated some distance away, wearing multicolored beach knickers, a black tank t-shirt and sunglasses. She continued on her way, but occasionally turned to look at him, wondering if he noticed her. She walked a few steps and stopped, her guilt turning her in his direction. As if on auto pilot, she made her way towards him, stopping only a few meters away. He seemed oblivious of her presence and that made her hesitate. With a sigh, she decided to speak and get it over with.

“Morning Ben… Sorry to disturb you… I just wanted to express my sincere apologies for last night. I am sorry for lashing out at you like that last night. I was drunk, angry and frustrated at you kissing me. Please, forgive my outburst…” She said quickly and turned to walk away without waiting for a response.

Ben said nothing. He just sat there, staring ahead at the beach front where people were enjoying themselves. After a few steps, she turned back to look at him. He was still staring ahead, silently. She didn’t know why she did it but but she turned, walked back to him and without a word sat beside him. They sat there in silence for so long, she almost forgot he was by her side. The peaceful, serene setting of Ibeshe beach held a mesmerizing sway all on its own and entrapped both Ben and Sophie, locking them together in a space where there was no animosity.

“I fucked up big time…” His chuckle was mirthless. “I made a mess of things. I knew I did you wrong but… I thought, like everything bad, time would heal and erase things…. Alas!

She smiled sadly and shook her head.

“It took me a long time to forgive you… Or, at least, I thought I did. But I guess when your love burns high and bright like a red flame, it’s hard to forgive the one who hurt that love.” She said softly.

Ben turned to her then, his eyes ladened with sorrow.

“I am sorry Sophie. I never meant to hurt you or destroy what we had. I thought I could eat my cake and have it… I thought I could play around and when I’d had my fill, come back and settle down with you. I was selfish and immature…” She saw in his eyes that he meant every word. She also saw hurt and pain and felt sorry for him.

Sophie yearned to make the mood between them lighter. She didn’t feel like fighting when everyone around her was having fun and making merry. If she was going to enjoy her time here, she might as well call a truce

“Tell you what…? It’s a beautiful day… and that unfortunate rich, arrogant slob has paid for fun and enjoyment. Let’s call a truce… enjoy his money and try not to let the past kill us. There are many beautiful girls around Ben… Go forth and pick your choice!” She laughed at her own words and he was compelled to laugh with her.

After a few more moments of silence together, they got up and smiled at each other.

“Thank you Sophie…” He said.

“You’re welcome Ben…” She replied

He didn’t move. He just stood there, staring at her. Then he reached out and touched her cheek with a small smile.

“I still love you Sophie. Maybe I always will. And Lord knows if there was anything I could do to bring us back together, I would do it in a heartbeat.” He said wistfully. Sophie shook her head sadly.

“I doubt we can work. There’s too much hurt between us. Too much water under the bridge. We could try to be civil to each other… As long as you promise not to kiss me anymore.” She told him.

Ben stared at her in silence for a brief moment. Then he smiled at her.

“I promise not to kiss you and I promise to remain civil.” Ben said. Sophie smiled and nodded in approval.

“Great! Now, I can relax and enjoy the rest of my time here. See you at lunch!” She said before turning to walk away.

Ben watched her go with a smile. He planned to be civil and nice to her. He planned to woo her back with his charm and when that happened, he knew she was going to end up in bed with him. And when that happened, he planned to fuck her till she would have no choice but return to him. And this time, he would not let her go. Ben chuckled and headed towards the breakfast buffet spread. He realized that he was suddenly hungry… and strangely happy.



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