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Why those With Body Odour are the Last to Know


It is a mystery why individuals who smell are usually the last to know, although those around them know they do. An adult can suffer body odour for a variety of reasons, such as:

Poor Hygiene: when a person neglects to pay attention to their hygiene, inevitably they will suffer body odour. This means regularly taking a shower, wearing clean clothes and using deodorants. It is also important that body hair that would trap smell is removed. It is not just enough to take regular showers, one must properly scrub clean, with sponge and soap. Parts of the body often neglected are behind the ears, navels and anus. These crevices can be a fertile ground for smell if improperly washed. For ladies, carefully washing the vagina is important to keep smells at bay. It also important to use body spray and roll-ons to keep stale sweat from smelling.

Health Problems: apart from carelessness and poor hygiene, people may suffer from body odour because of health problems. Such as; Improperly healed body sores, halitosis(bad breath) etc.

Here is why those with body odour are usually the last to know: the body is an amazing thing, it acknowledges new sights and smells but ignores old ones. When a person first begins to smell, the nose and brain would identify it as a new odour. An individual who is careless about their personal hygiene would likely not pay attention. By continuing to ignore this olfactory warning, the brain registers it as familiar and they are most unlikely to never know they smell. Those who do not smell fresh, by default do not know they stink, it is those around them who can tell. This phenomenon is similar to using your favourite perfumes, after a while, the fragrance becomes too familiar. Remember this when you have a stinky significant other, they may have no clue they smell, politely let them know.

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