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Breaking News: HIV Cure by a Nigerian Doctor May Recieve Worldwide Approval


by Tushbee 

The HIV cure found by a Nigerian doctor, Prof. Ezeibe, on May 1 2015, may recieve worldwide approval, after a meeting with the Nigerian Ministry of Health and experts from the World Health Organization(WHO) on August 7 2017.  Ezeibe goes further to say that the drug will be free to Nigerian citizens,

The Vice Chancellor of Micheal Okpara university reiterates that Prof. Ezeibe had equally presented the drug to his colleagues in the medical field and nobody had contradicted his finding. “Prof. Ezeibe is a researcher in Veterinary Medicine and one may wonder how he discovered a drug to cure a human ailment,” he said.

He commended Ezeibe for the breakthrough, saying: “He has brought honour to the University and we are proud of him.”

According Francis Otunta, the university was in the process of mass producing the drug for further clinical trials on persons living with HIV/AIDS in the country.

Ezeibe, who is a professor of Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Virology, said that the drug was produced with Aluminum Silicate and Magnesium Silicate (Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate). He goes further to say  that these two minerals “are already in use as medicines for the treatment of various animal and human diseases”.

According to him, 10 persons living with the disease, “who volunteered’’, were made to apply through their Doctor to the VC. “They were treated daily with the Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate (50 mg/kg),” he said.

Ezeibe said that the volunteers were subjected to monthly tests for viral loads and CD4-lymphocyte counts. “With the antiviral effects of the medicine, its ability to reach all cells (as nanoparticles) and the lymphocytes, there is no more hiding place (sanctuary) for HIV,” he said.

According to him, the medicine had been used to potentiate Ampicilin, Chloroquine, Piperazine and Sulphadimidin, among others, and could be a major foreign exchange earner for Nigeria, if approved by relevant authorities.

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