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Where are Our BRT Buses? (Photos)


It is an early Monday morning in Lagos, the air is charged with expectation, the events of the weekend prior, which had many Lagosians, held hostages in their homes, because of excessive flooding;  Compels residents, to spill out into the streets, to take advantage of this dry Monday morning.

School children, traders, office workers et cetera are left standing for hours at empty BRT bus stops, across the state.

Where are the BRT buses?

The familiar blue hulk, lumbering across our highways, they are a comforting sight, they save pedestrians from the agony of having to deal with belligerent drivers and conductors of danfos and the unregulated hike in transport fares.

When BRTs were first commissioned in Lagos state 10 years  ago, it was looked upon with doubt and skepticism on how successful its operations will be within the metropolis  “Na today; Yimu, E no go work”, many said, it was listed in the category of wasteful government projects, to mask the malignancy of public funds embezzlement.


Ten years later, it would seem the BRT is here to stay, it has become a recognizable Lagos fixture, not to see its familiar blue bulk on our streets, is indeed an anomaly as pedestrians are left stranded and in distress at various empty BRT terminals. With danfo operators having a field day, with the exorbitant hike in transport fares.

The BRT drivers are on strike, over unpaid salaries by the Lagos state government, thus they bite us where it hurts. On a Monday morning, they are nonoperational.

The quest to get transportation this morning is like the aftermath of a battle ground, it would seem Lagosians will get no reprieve as misfortune after misfortune dogs their every step.Cre

Photo Credit: Ovadje Elliot 

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