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Burkina Faso’s president resigns after riots


Burkina Faso’s embattled president Blaise Compaore has been ousted, following days of protests against efforts to extend his rule.

In a statement read on the country’s news and television stations, Mr Compaore said: “I declare a vacancy of power with a view to allowing a transition that should finish with free and transparent elections in a maximum period of 90 days.”

He did not say who would take power until then but military chief General Honore Traore announced he has taken over as head of state.

Burkina Faso’s parliament was dissolved on Thursday, however, and the military has been very visible during the recent crisis.

The official statement came just minutes after the army’s Colonel Boureima Farta addressed thousands of protesters in front of the army headquarters saying: “As of today, Compaore is no longer in power.”


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