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“You Can’t Run A Country From Another Country” – Jim Iyke


By Isaac Oguntoye


If you’re conversant with the happenstances on the social media lately, then you must have come across the protest that took place at Abuja’s Unity Fountain where Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke and other concerned Nigerians gathered to demand for the resignation of President Muhammad Buhari.

The pro-democracy group again converged to continue their demand for the return of President Muhammadu Buhari to Nigeria, or his resignation if he is still incapacitated in hospital abroad.

While addressing the press, the Nollywood thespian, Jim Iyke says, “I’m disappointed with the police over the brutalisation of innocent citizens who are coming out to exercise their fundamental human rights. They only came out to say enough is enough and they were treated poorly by the same people that were supposed to protect them, the so-called government. So, what we’re asking for is simple, we’re saying collectively that enough is enough. You cannot rule a country outside another country for 94 days, it is not possible. We were once the giant of Africa, now we’re the joke of Africa. It is only in this country that a president will try to run a country from another country. Don’t we have shame anymore? What is going on? We matched there to say enough is enough. Our decision is one, our president either resigns or resume.”  He concluded

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