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Celebrate the Indian Festival of Light; Happy Diwali


If you have Indian Friends, Neighbours and colleagues, you should wish them Happy Diwali. If you didn’t know, Diwali is an important celebration for Indians.

Diwali is also called ‘Festival of Light’ and its history is quite rich and riveting. It is a Hindu festival, celebrated by all in india, irrespective of their religious beliefs – be it Hindu or not.

The history of the Diwali, tells the tale of Lord Rama’s triumphant entry back into the city of Ayodhya, with his wife Mata Sita, after having defeated the demon king Ravana. To light his way, people of the city, lit candles, lamps and lanterns, to welcome him.

Many interpret the celebration, as the triumph of good over evil, it will have fireworks display, dance and revelry,in most Indian communities, don’t be shy to be a part of it.

Diwali is usually a festival that lasts for 5 days, however today is special, because it is a celebration of the Goddess of wealth and prosperity Laxmi.

If you haven’t yet, wish your Indian friends, neighbours and colleagues Happy Diwali.

Axon wishes you happy Diwali…

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