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Celebrities, Entertainers, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and Ara Set for ‘Osunfunke’ Movie Premiere in Osun State


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Ara, the multi-talented and dynamic drummer, has concluded plans for
the VIP premiere of her latest movie, ‘Osunfunke’ which was shot
with high definition cameras in the tourist areas of Ipinle
Omoluabi, Osogbo, Osun State, with the support of the State Government
bringing life and hope to the citizenry of the noble state.

The natural drummer and actor with a wide range of performances and
acting prowess has an unending passion for the big screen and no wonder
she has raised the ante with her personal project ‘Osunfunke’. The new movie starring, Ricardo Agbor, Baba Wande, Doris
Simeon, Yemi Shodimu, Peju Ogunmola, Ijesha, Femi Jacobs, Olamide Badoo,
her humble self, Ara Olamuyiwa, and directed by Dj Tee, is like no other.

The logline disclosed that the movie tells the life of a lady from a
royal family, the Adegbites who are the Arugba (Calabash Carrier) during
the Osun Osogbo Festival and along the line during her days in school a
terrible thing happened and right of being an Arugba was stripped of
her. She met a guy after her NYSC who was one of the reasons she lost
her position as an Arugba. The heat of attraction, betrayal, trust and a
lonely window of deceit intersects as she struggles to deal with her
festered past that consumes her present aspirations for so long.

Information has it that Ara is optimistic about the movie and is of the opinion that Osogbo
in Osun State has the best tourist attraction centres in the whole South-West
of Nigeria exploring good ambience and serene environments. This serenity which was created
for the state by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was one of the things that
inspired the shooting of ‘Osunfunke’ in Osogbo, Osun State.

Ara is a perfectionist who possesses a solid work
ethic and she is committed to achieving the highest standard of
performance and is always willing to listen and learn from others. This fact is
crystal clear from the total package of her movie ‘Osunfunke’ set to be
screened for notable celebrities, entertainer, media personalities, associates,
fans and well-wishers from all facets of our society.

According to Ara, who enjoys cooking, helping the needy, promoting
culture, travelling and watching TV, every good movie
lover that has passion for tourism and culture deserves to be at the VIP
screening for the movie..

Ara, the actress cum producer, is so happy about her latest work and
would like to use the opportunity to thank Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the
Executive Governor of Osun, State, the tourism board and those that made
it possible for her dream to come true with the production of
Her energy and zeal to go the extra mile to make a
difference to any project she is involved in is an exemplary result of
the masterpiece produced by her relentless efforts to make Osunfunke a

The much talked about VIP screening for the movie is billed
to take place in the month of September 2017 in Osogbo, Osun State.


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