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Charles Okocha is in Desperate Need of his Accolades… He Wants 10 Million Views in One Day


Nollywood Actor turned musician and social media comedian, Charles Okocha, also known as Igwe Tupac is in desperate need of his accolades. He was the precursor of the ‘Accolades challenge’ which went viral on social media.

There were several hilarious variations of the accolades challenge, however the leader of the Nunu gang took it a step further by releasing his new rap single ‘Accolades’. If you have listened to it, you must confess it is quite a melodious number for a rap song. Also the verses are quite short, maybe  too short, overall it isn’t bad music.

At first Charles Okocha threatened that if he did not get 1 million views in one day, when his music video is released, he would quit Instagram for good. He has upped the stakes by saying not getting 10 million views for ‘Accolades’ music video, would mean he would walk around naked for a long time. Let’s keep Charles Okocha’s clothes on by getting him his 10 million views.

This much anticipated music video, according to him will be released tomorrow, the 6th of June 2018.

Do you think he deserves his accolades?


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